Around The world, 19 Times!

In 2018, BEAUTYISTANBUL travelled around the globe 19 times! conducting promotional activities in 97 countries, reaching out to more than one hundred and thirty thousand industry professionals. As impossible as it sounds; with the passion & dedication of 206 employees from different countries BEAUTYISTANBUL could accomplish an unbelievable task even before the new year began.
Can you take a wild guess at how many events BEAUTYISTANBUL have conducted in 2018? 308 events so far! BEAUTYISTANBUL has covered 117 countries on the world map in the last year. What do they have in store for you in 2019? Keep guessing. Meanwhile let’s talk about the promotional events highlights of the last year!

Since the exhibition confirmed the dates, BEAUTYISTANBUL started its journey. From the fashion & beauty capital Paris to Mexico, gaining amazing response and support from beauty industry professionals. Team BEAUTYISTANBUL attended Africa-Turkey Business Forum that was held on 11th October and met over thousand beauty industry professional from 49 African countries.

BEAUTYISTANBUL travelled all the way to Havana, Cuba in October 29th, to attend the 36th edition of the largest annual multi-sector trade fair in Cuba, La Habana FIHAV2018. The travels continued to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Afterwards Munich, Germany. BEAUTYISTANBUL had an amazing time promoting the event to evolving beauty industry of Central Asia also the extremely competitive beauty markets in Germany. Have you ever heard about an exhibition that had been conducting event promotions in 4 different countries around the world at the same time? Probably non-before. But, BEAUTYISTANBUL once attended 4 different events in Istanbul-Turkey, Milan-Italy, Moscow-Russia & Lagos-Nigeria at the same time, promoting the one event to the beauty industry professionals in 4 major cities!

BEAUTYISTANBUL attended World Halal Summit 2018 and the 7th Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Halal Expo held in Istanbul. BEAUTYISTANBUL exhibition was warmly welcomed by 250 exhibitors & over 500 buyers that attended the expo from the Middle East, West and Central Europe, the Balkans, and Africa.

Also, BEAUTYISTANBUL attended one of the Russia’s leading beauty shows, held in crocus expo centre, Moscow in last October. And the travels continued to the beauty capital of the world, “New York”. Though here we focus on 2018, there are a few events that happened in the beginning of the year 2019 that worth mentioning;

On January 3rd, 2019 BEAUTYISTANBUL attended Pakistan Business Forum in Ankara where the team got the opportunity to meet Imran Khan, the honourable prime minister of Pakistan, ministers and business people. BEAUTYISTANBUL 2019 team was fortunate to have a moment with the prime minister discussing exhibition shortly. As a result of the visit BEAUTYISTANBUL will receive the support of several institutions including chamber of commerce, consulate and associations and the exhibition is expecting to host a group of Pakistani exhibitors from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities.

Also, Promotion activities for BEAUTYISTANBUL 2019 continued in two events in Bologna, Italy and Paris, France in this January. Including 11th Cosmet’Agora, the exhibition Organized by the French Society of Cosmetology for all professionals in the cosmetics industry. The team got to interact & promote the exhibition among 4700 visitors.

Is it possible to promote an event in 2 continents at the same time? BEAUTYISTANBUL was conducting event promotions in Los Angeles and Khartoum at the same time in this January!With no doubt, BEAUTYISTANBUL is a truly global project that completed 764,879 KM around the world!
In 2019 BEAUTYISTANBUL team expects to travel even more than they did in last year. It is probably going to be a matter of time until you meet them in your city!

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