Pro tips to promote your online Store

Are you aiming to expand your online business to the next level? Then it is going to need constant work. Your competition is at peak in the modern world because online stores are a concept rapidly absorbed in society with it’s claims to make money with less effort.

But that is common myth, you are going to have to put constant effort to be a “Successful Online Store” Here are some effective yet easy methods you should try out to put you ahead of game. Your success is all about how much awareness you gain! You have to acknowledge customers that you are there. That is the factor that determines your store performance.

Regular Deals and discounts

Think like a customer, customers get attracted to special deals & offers. Offer your customers special discount during holiday season & celebrations. (get 20% off for Christmas, 50% off for Eid, 30-75% off for Black Friday clearance etc.)

It doesn’t have to be only special dates, if you notice the big online brands; they offer sales & promo codes for regular days as well. This method is proven to increase your regular traffic.

Remarketing via emails

Most online stores have the function to get your customers email addresses (When they visit the website for the first time or in check out)
Once you set it up start sending weekly newsletters with your latest products. Make sure the content is attractive & linked for fast & easy checkout.
When you conduct sales & offers, promote them via email making it accessible for customers to benefit from the sales right away.
Send gift cards & promo codes via emails. So, the customers can use them when they shop at your site. As an example, you can give them “Free Shipping” promo codes. Or $5 gift cards. Remarketing can be easily done via “Mail-Chimp”

Make social media your companion

I cannot emphasize how much of an impact social media has when promoting online stores. As I mentioned earlier it is all about creating a brand name that repeats in people’s heads. It is obvious that the more people see something it stays in their mind. Therefore, you will have to repeat your brand name and social media is the best for it.

It is your task to figure out what works best for you, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, LinkedIn etc social media channels has different kind of following as an example demographics, location & occupation wise. An example LinkedIn™ is the world’s largest professional networking platform, snapchat & Instagram is popular around younger crowds. So, you should decide what platform is popular among your target audience.

Focus on frequent promoting & providing quality daily content once you figure out your channel.

Social Media Contests

They are a great way to promote your brand. Offer a gift pack including your products and promote it in all your social media channels. To enter the contest, create a sign-up window then you can use the emails provided there to build your remarketing database.

If your contest held via Instagram partner up with some influencers with huge following and promote your gift pack via their feed. That way it will bring awareness to your social media channels as well.

Paid Advertising

Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat too, offer the function of paid advertising. This is the best way to target the right audience for you. Paid advertising specifically targets customers by
their location, interests, similar web searches, demographics, age etc. therefore it is advertised to the consumers with the best interest.

Collaborations with influencers & partnerships with other businesses

Introduce yourself to local business owners or Collab with other online business. choose a business that sells complementary goods. If your online store sells eyeliner Collab with a seller of mascara or brow products etc. And the ask them to promote your store via their cards, on social media posts or reviews. And do the same for them as well, by doing that you will gain more awareness and a following.

Also, Collab with influencers (YouTube, Instagram or Facebook) influencers usually has a huge fan group. Usually their recommendations go to a large group and by that way you can increase your customer base. You can assign a unique promo code for the influencer as well by that way if a customer comes through that influencer, they get a special discount at the checkout. It will be motivating for your customers.

Place a gift card in customer packages

When a customer gets a package from you, make sure you add a gift card in it. Either a promocode, 15% off discount for the next purchase or a gift card for free shipping. This will encourage the customer to purchase more from you.

Implement a referral program

Boost your online traffic by treating your customers with discounts or a free gift at the next purchase when they send your friend to your store. Also, ask your customers to feature you on their social media with a unique promo code and if 5 people use that code in their purchases send free products or a special discount to your customer. This will do wonders to your customer engagement.

Also, if you have a large following on social media, promote your frequent customers from your feed. This will encourage them to tag you in their posts. That will bring you great awareness.

Aside from the following tips, there are so much more you can do to increase your popularity and promote your online store. Sponsor Local Events if possible, join local associations and Optimize Your Photos, product names & descriptions. Your constant routine is very important. Whatever you do, keep your consistency and it will bring awareness & sales to your online store!

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