What Beauty Products Will Dominate the Market In 2019?

Understanding consumer behaviour is the key to predict next best seller beauty products. Currently the world we live in is absorbing trends so fast. All it takes for a beauty product to be trendy is getting recommended by of a top Instagram influencer and then voila! the product Is in everyone’s hand.

By analysing 2018 beauty trends; blinding highlighter to wavy brows we can surely make some predictions. And we see some past trends are reincarnated. It is noticeable the natural makeup looks are coming back as trendy. And consumers are turning towards natural, vegan & organic products more and more. Skincare is becoming a trend instead of covering up flaws with heavy makeup. And still the hype towards glitter & colour remains.

However, these are our top 7 predictions for 2019! Let’s find out which product will take over the world in this year.

Highlighter Variations

Do you remember the 2018 hype over creamy & dewy highlighter sicks & liquid highlighter formulas? This glitter obsession has been continuing throughout the year of 2018. Now most cosmetic products contain shimmer from lipsticks to foundation as consumers adores the shimmery dewy finish. Also, in 2018 everyone was hyped about body glitter. This shimmery trend will continue to shimmery primers & also skin care products in this year.

Clear Eyebrow Gel

Though in 80’s the trend was to have super skinny brows, in 2018 the trend was to have heavily sculpted thick & fleek brows. But in the middle of last year this took a turn, and everyone developed a liking towards natural fluffy eyebrows which looks unplucked & feathery without visible products on them. If the trend continues, we expect high demand towards clear brow gels.

Lip, Eye & Cheek Stains

In the beginning of 2018, the heavy makeup looks were in trend but as the year passed natural looks are coming back as trendy. Stains made of natural ingredients gained popularity throughout the year and in 2019 we are predicting Lip, Eye & Cheek Stains becoming a beauty trend as the consumers embracing natural faces once again.

Multipurpose Foundations

The world is getting busier and the lesser time we got for a skincare routine. Therefore, the brilliant idea of multipurpose foundation is going to dominate the world. We predict brands will be releasing foundations that replaces the need of sunscreen, skin illuminator, moisturizer and face masks. We already have Urban Decay’s vegan One and Done foundation that does the magic. But in 2019 there will be more with variations.

Natural Skincare Products

Unlike past, now consumers are conscious and demanding over what they put on their skin. The lesser ingredients the better. The demand over natural & organic skincare products are increasing and many brands are producing skincare products under the labels “natural/vegan/cruelty free/organic etc” and this trend will continue in 2019 as well.

Lip Enhancing Glosses

2016 was the year of lip injections but it is a fading trend as now celebrities are getting rid of their fillers. This trend is getting replaced with the comeback of 90s’ lip glosses but with advanced lip plumping and enhancing formulas. Perfect pouts will still be trending in 2019.

FaceTune Primers

In 2019 we are predicting primers with advanced formulas. They will transform your face to the point it looks like the real life FaceTune. The new primers coming to market are containing ingredients that blurs spots, conceals. Nourishes skin & gives glow effect. A very promising new trend for 2019.

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